KombiLife Volkswagen 4motion Training Weekend - August 2020

KombiLife Volkswagen 4motion Training Weekend - August 2020

Our first KombiLife Australia 4motion Training weekend was held in August 2020. 

Supported generously by our friends at Volkswagen Australia, Seikel GmBH, Front Runner Outfitters and Hema Maps, we enjoyed some great company and outstanding training from like-minded VanLife and Expedition enthusiasts.

Although we had to operate under strict NSW CoVID protocols for events and undertake daily temperature checks and declarations, we were fortunate that the event could proceed and couples who live together could travel in the same vehicle and were not required to be socially distant :) 

All in all we learned so much about our vehicles and how to handle them in circumstances we may not often encounter.

A big thanks to

- Vic & Wylie at Great Divide Tours

- Alex & Olga at 4motion Adventures

- the team at Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles

- Matthew & Stephen at VanEssa mobilcamping Australia

- Jon at Front Runner Outfitters  - products here 


- Matthew at Hema Maps - products here

- Susanne at Seikel GmbH - products here 


.      Front Runner for Volkswagen Vans AustraliaHema Maps

Some images from our first 4motion Training weekend.

Offroad Expedition VanLife 4motion Volkswagen

Seikel Australia KombiLife VW Offroad Vans


Volkswagen 4motion Vans Multivan Transporter Training Australia-1


Volkswagen 4motion Vans Multivan Transporter Training Australia T6 Rockton SWB Moguls

Volkswagen with Seikel Underbody Protection OffRoad 4motion Vans Multivan Transporter Training Australia T6 Rockton

T5 California 4motion Australia

VW Offroad Vans Seikel Rockslider

Vw Offroad Multivan

VW Offroad Multivan

T6 Expedition with Front Runner Outfitters

VW Offroad T5 Transporter

VW Offroad Multivan with Diff Lock

KombiLife VW Offroad Training

VW T6 Rockton Offroad Expedition Van

T6 Multivan 4motion Expedition Van

T6 Rockton Descent

VW Crafter Seikel Equipped Expedition Van

VW 4motion Multivan Gully

Volkswagen 4MOTION

volkswagen t6 Rockton Expedition Transporter Van

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