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We are very pleased to announce we have achieved approval with CIL Insurance. This means that you can now insure your Volkswagen van, equipped with VanEssa, as a campervan.

This includes even the passenger variation Multivans and Caravelles. Note, if you regularly remove your VanEssa equipment this insurance is not for you, however, if your Volkswagen van always has the VanEssa equipment within it, then it is perfect. 

We like CIL as the company is Australian owned, the call centre is based in Australia (Melbourne and Adelaide) and importantly, CIL allows Choice of Repairer. This means you may determine where your beloved Volkswagen is repaired.  

If you would like an quote (valid for 12 months) for your Volkswagen van as a campervan with CIL please contact Mark or click through to our new online quote request and will send over the quote request to their specialist group in Adelaide (who understand the VanEssa system) who will prep it and then be in touch within 48 hours. Quotes are valid for 12 months. 

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