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Awnings & Bike Carriers

Fiamma is Italy's leading brand when it comes to recreational vehicle products and is specifically well known for wind-out cassette awnings and bicycle carriers.

The Fiamma trademark is a guarantee for quality and Fiamma is ISO 9001 certified. You are in good hands because Fiamma offers you only reliable and safe products, that give you many years of dependability. This is why Fiamma is the leading brand recommended by industry experts.



21 products
  • Fiamma Tie Down S Black
  • Fiamma T6 2016+ Pro Bike Rack (Tailgate Only) - 2 bikes / 4 max
  • Fiamma T5 Pro Bike Rack 2003-2015 (Tailgate Only) 2 bikes / 4 max
  • Cycle Cover for up to 2 bikes with straps adjustable
  • Fiamma F45s Mounting Kit for T5/T6 Transporter / Multivan
  • Fiamma F40 2.7m wind-out Cassette Awning & Brackets for SWB Multivan, Transporter, & Caravelle
  • Fiamma Bike Block Rail Premium - 128cm Quick Release Rail
  • Fiamma Bike Block Pro S D3 - 4th Bike
  • Fiamma T5 2003-2015 Carry Bike Rack (Tailgate Only) 2 bikes / 4 max
  • Fiamma Bike Block Pro S D2 - 3rd Bike - BLK
  • Fiamma F45s 2.3m wind-out Cassette Awning and Brackets for Caddy and Caddy Maxi
  • Fiamma Curved Centre Rafter Pro
  • Fiamma Straight Centre Rafter
  • Fiamma Bike Rail - 128cm Quick Release Rail
  • Level Your Terrain Package
  • Fiamma Bike Block Pro S D2 - 3rd Bike - ALU