Neil from Mooloolaba Queensland, Australia, March 2019

We have just returned from a trip from Sunshine Coast down to the Great Ocean Road, through McLaren Vale and up to Adelaide then across Australia to Nelson Bay and then up the NSW coast slowly and then home. Was 6,250km and about 4.5 weeks all in the VW Multivan using your VanEssa gear! Great trip! I think you might have to start paying me a referral fee as the number of people who came up asking about the setup was amazing! Hahaha!! Many were very interested in the Thermomats so I gave many your details so hopefully you will get some business! :) 

When I got the Thermomats from you, you also mentioned that the sidepacks (which we have and use for our clothes) usually come with some sort of blocks that go underneath and push them up high so that the light doesn’t come in on top of them? Could I get these please as we tried using the little blocks on top (which you mentioned were not for that purpose) and so they didn’t work very well.

Otherwise a great trip again and very happy with the car and the VanEssa kitchen and items we have.



Colin sent us a few photos of his first camping trip with his new van.