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We are very excited to present you our latest product, the Arco, specially engineered in Germany to meet a growing demand for a camping system that can cater to more equiped travellers, support you on longer trips and look after the whole family while you are away.

If you are an adventurer, or rather, a sporting enthusiast, you are going to love the Arco. Not only do you still have the convenient features of the VanEssa Kitchen available to you on a single handed operated heavy duty slide out draw but you will have the addition of the Arco's most attractive feature, deep storage space alongside your kitchen, for storing sporting equipment you wish to take on your trip, such as; surf boards, skis or snowboards.

If all you need is extra cooking and food storage capacity, then you and Arco will make a great pear 😉. Utilising a second heavy duty slide out draw, you can pack an extra large Fridge/Freezer, add an extra pantry draw and upgrade your single gas burner to a double burner. Masterchefs, you are free to hit the road, there's room to store the duck fat, smoked paprika, truffle oil and don't forget the kitchen sink, oh wait, that's a standard Arco feature.

The Arco, can be configured for both a single or double bed use depending on the number of travellers. With countless configurations the Arco can evolve and grow with you as your travel needs change. To grasp in more detail the possible configurations you can achieve in your van with the Arco, be sure to watch the video below, Mark will take you through the Arco at its core and the main configurations available.



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Expected Shipment Arrival: SEPTEMBER 2019

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Sydney - up to the 27th of September

Melbourne - 16th - 19th of September

In Brisbane installation slots available first week of school holidays

between 23rd - 27th of September

The VanEssa mobilcamping team can install the following for you;

Kitchen Systems,



Swivel Seats,

Bike Racks,

Roof Top Tents,

Roof Pods,

Additional batteries

and more.

Contact us to book in an installation and or discuss installation details.

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Camping Inspiration.

Why not book private land?

You Camp is another way to get close to nature, a website where you can book private land for your next camping trip. Visit locations you wouldn't normally, camp by rivers, amongst the trees or on a farm all with peace of mind, knowing you are fully insured by You Camp.

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