We are in the thick of winter and the best thing about being on the road at day break this time of year is witnessing the first fingers of sunlight meet the tar, melt the frost and observe it transform into soft misty streams that dissipate into the atmosphere.

This edition, we have Mark showcasing the Surfer Bed in a VW Black Edition Multivan perfect for the weekend adventurers or overnight stays. If you've been struggling to keep warm this winter we have a reliable and easy to use solution to show you. Lastly, we've helped Joesph and Libby Lombardo get their family prepared for their first family holiday and to complete a mission to deliver four speciality bicycles to children with disabilities in Queensland.

August is around the corner, it's a great time to start thinking about trips you might do in the warmer months ahead. If you need help from VanEssa mobilcamping to make your vehicle road ready or add some extra conveniences to your current setup be sure to drop us an enquiry.

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VanEssa Knowledge

Double Surfer Bed in new VW Black Edition Multivan Campervan with Captain's Chairs

Mark takes us through the new Black Edition Multivan configured for a family of four and accomodating a VanEssa Surfer Bed. This bed system creates a full length double bed and underneath has a deep storage space suitable for long items such as surfboards, skis, ladders, bikes and fishing equipment. Perfect setup for overnight stays and weekend outings.

Turn up the heat

with an integrated Diesel Heater.

If you have ever wondered how to keep your Van warm on your winter travels, wonder no more, the diesel heater might be the solution you've been looking for. The Webasto Diesel Heater operates independent of your van engine, so your van doesn't need to be running to enjoy a toasty temperature. It's fuelled by your vans very own diesel tank and sores to sauna level temperatures in a matter of minutes. The heater operates quietly while consuming minimal electrical power and fuel. Enjoy precise and constant temperatures inside your van at any altitude and in any weather condition.

You won't know what cold feels like anymore with a Webasto Diesel Heater and the best news of all is VanEssa mobilcamping have the expertise to install these heaters for you.

If you'd like to learn more about turning up the heat in your van, send us an enquiry.

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Event News

It's been a busy month. Mark has been to Germany, Austria and New Zealand for various shows. Browse Mark's travels via the galleries below.

Abenteuer Allrad, Germany

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Bullishow Austria 2019

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Fieldays New Zealand 2019

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Back from Birdsville

Jim and his wife Jewel travelled to Birdsville to represent VanEssa mobilcamping at the epic Big Red Bash. The event drew 10,000 people and almost 4000 vehicles. Watch their travels below.

Your Story

Road trip with a purpose

This is the beginning of a new chapter for Joseph and Libby Lombardo who have had their lives forever changed and enriched by the birth of their first child, Isabella, born with Cerebral Palsey. Joseph and Libby have gone to great lengths to get treatment for Isabella, spending almost half a million dollars and travelling to America and Mexico to access treatment that would enable Isabella to learn to walk and not be dependant on a wheelchair for the rest of her life.

This personal experience has shed light on the needs and wants of children with disabilities and it has motivated Joseph and Libby to make a difference in the lives of children with disabilities. Teaming up with VanEssa mobilcamping and Volkswagen, Joseph and Libby were lent a brand new T6 Multivan, fitted out as a camper with VanEssa mobilcamping products and an iKamper roof top tent that will enable their now family of four to travel and camp together for the very first time, an experience Libby never thought was possible.

The family recently travelled up to North Queensland, for a well deserved family holiday and to complete a very important mission, to deliver speciality bicycles, engineered by Joseph, to families with children with disabilities, so they too can learn how to ride a bike.

You can follow Isabella's story on Instagram @teamisabellalombardo and by visiting

To find out more about speciality designed bikes for children with disabilities follow Up Side Bikes on Facebook @upsidebikes

Be sure to check out the special offer we have below for an iKamper roof top tent for the month of August.

Joseph & Libby have a look at through their transformed van.


Featured Products


NOW IN STOCK - Aero Nudge Bar

Suitable for T6 Multivan, Transporter and Caravelle


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ADD STORAGE - Packbags in Light Grey

The multilayered thermo-mats darken the interior space and create privacy.


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NEW FOR 2019 - Packbags in Anthracite

The multilayered thermo-mats darken the interior space and create privacy.

From $595.00

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ADD A ROOM - Rear Tent

Suitable for T5 T6 Multivan, Transporter and Caravelle 2004+


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EAT IN STYLE - Gimex Melamine Cookware

German Cookware now available in Australia.

From $29.00

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The multilayered thermo-mats darken the interior space and create privacy.

From $110.00

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Move Up - Skycamp 4X v2.0 Roof Top Tent in Glorious White

The same iKamper roof top tent model as mentioned in the Team Isabella Lombardo story above.


Sleeps up to 4 people


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