Gear up for a Kombi Summer

Gear up for a Kombi Summer

It doesn’t matter where you are.
You are nowhere compared to where you can go. 

- Bob Proctor

Summer is in our reach and we are excited to be preparing current and new travellers for a season of fun and memory making. 

We have for you a story that will inspire you this weekend, that of Amber, Keenan and daughters Coco and Indigo travelling Australia in their iconic yellow kombi. We crossed paths with Amber and her family whilst travelling the Northern Territory and found each other at the launch of the T6.1 California at the 2020 Volkswagen Kombi Rally, in Cronulla a few weeks ago. Amber gives us an insight into life before owning a kombi and their new love for life travelling in one. 

Christmas is only 26 days away, so if you're missing Christmas gifts for your Kombi mad loved ones best you check out the great options we have below, you might even end up with a great pair of official VW thongs at a price too good to refuse. 

Stay cool friends and keep exploring! 

Amber (right) with our good friend Jewel (left) at 2020 Volkswagen Kombi Rally, Cronulla


Summer of Seventy Five: Aussie Vanlife Family share their journey

Hi there! We’re a family of four, I’m Amber and with my husband Keenan and our daughters Coco and Indigo, we’re on the road trip of a lifetime. We’re based on the beautiful south coast of New South Wales, Australia. That’s our bricks and mortar anyhow, and while we love where we live, we feel more at home in our Kombi than anywhere else. We’re a part-time van family, striking a balance between work and play, and seeking out the greener grass. Some say we’re dreamers, perhaps we are. Anyone who takes on a trip around Australia with four people in an old Kombi needs to have some big dreams and a healthy dose of optimism. Combine that with a sense of adventure, and here we are, actually doing it!

The times they are a changin'…

Our story was an all too common one of a young family in Australia. We were so caught up in living a fast paced life, both of us working, I was running a business, and Keenan was working 60 hour weeks, while we paid a mortgage and did our best to raise children at the same time. We were on autopilot, cruising past life at lightening speed, oblivious to our surroundings. We had little time for ourselves or each other, yet still, on the surface, we thought we were happy. Something shifted and we were struck by an overwhelming realisation that we had lost touch with living. We had forgotten how to just BE. To be with each other, to be with our kids, to be adventurous, to be spontaneous. To want to jump out of bed in the morning and embrace the day with exuberance. To be in love with living...

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What's hot this month

Mosquito Net VW T5/T6 with Zip for Side Door

The VW T5 / T6 VanQuito mosquito protection for the sliding door! Unrivalled easy and fast installation, only with magnetic tapes! Practical access is with zipper . The perfect complement to the VanShower awning tent


Take a look 


Mosquito Net VW T5/T6/T6.1 FINE Mesh + MAGNETIC Zipper for LEFT Side Door


Left Side Fine Mesh Mosquito Net for Volkswagen Transporter / Multivan / California with Magnetic Closing Assistance!

Easy Entry to the van with Magnetic Closing Assistance. No longer need to open and close the vertical zipper with frequent entry and exit.


Take a look


VanQuito Mosquito Net for VW T5/T6 with Zip for Rear Door / tailgate

No more mosquitoes!

VanQuito rear mosquito net VW T5 / T6 : simply attach magnetically!


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Packbags T5/T6 - 2 pieces Left/Right for Multivan / California

Use every spare inch of space keep everything neat and tidy in rearmost windows. 2 large storage compartments per bag.

Suitable for; VW Multivan from 2004 (all with integrated upward blinds) and VW California Beach (with downward blinds - ie, all California Beach models)


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Christmas Gift Ideas

"Love the KombiLife"

Beach Towel - VW California Sunset Scene

Round, 1.5m (1500mm) diameter, with Black Tassels, 250gsm


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KombiLife Embroidered California VW Van Cap

Soft feel heavy brushed cotton material on these baseball caps gives them an executive quality with a comfortable fit.


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VW T1 Bus Metal Sign

Beach Life

VW fans will love this embossed metal sign featuring a retro VW design. Nostalgia is guaranteed for any workshop, kitchen or study with this metal sign which features a VW T1 Bus at the beach scene.


Take a look


VW T1 Bus Enamel Mug 500ml in Gift Box - Bulli Parade - Blue

Nothing says vintage more than this retro style enamel mug with its sturdy shape and appealing and colourful VW T1 Buses on a dark blue background.


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VW Logo String Lights or Christmas Lights, 20 x LED, In Gift Box - Blue and White

This string of lights with glowing plastic iconic VW logo lanterns will brighten up any fan party and are a "must-have" for any genuine Volkswagen fan. Liven up your workshop with this fun a eye-catcher.


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VW T1 Bus Foldable Storage Box - Red/Black

This foldable storage box featuring a 3D red and black VW T1 Bus design is not only practical but also an all-purpose storage accessory. Dimensions: 33 x 30 x 5 cm (13 x 11.8 x 2 inches); Size open: 33 x 30 x 58 cm (13 x 11.8 x 22.8 inches)


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VW T1 Bus Canvas Shopping Bag / Beach Bag - Red

This eco-friendly cotton fabric shopper bag is practical, washable and features a very vintage look with the VW T1 Bus appliqué on a red background...


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VW T3 Bus 3D Neoprene Universal Bag - Red

The T3 edition of the VW Bus in red. This case is a best seller because it is extremely versatile with many practical features including carrying handle, inner pockets and pouches and a hook for hanging.


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15% OFF
VW Doormat - VW Logo Parking Only - Blue

High-quality doormat with the "VW Parking Only" logo in a lush blue.

The sturdy and durable doormats are resistant against dirt and an eye-catcher for your front door.

An extra plus: even if it gets caught up in a mud-slinging battle, it is washable at 30°C.

Was $79.95 Now $ 67.95

Take a look


40% OFF

VW T1 Bus Beach Thongs matching keyring

(Red & Blue available)

Everyone loves warm weather and now VW fans are ready with these attractive beach thongs / sandals with T1 bus designs - a must-have for any true fan.

Was $49.95 Now $30

Take a look - Blue

Take a look - Red




California - I know but one freedom......... - New T6.1 Volkswagen California

"I know but one freedom and that is the freedom of the mind."

An enjoyable clip from Katrin Baldrich shot in Hannover, the home of the Volkswagen California.

As we emerge from restrictions and our friends in Europe endure new restrictions, we think of the freedom our very cool VW Kombi vans provide us... whether we travel near or far....

Watch video

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