We love the freedom

We love the freedom

Earlier this year, Ray and Pauline, from Ettalong Beach, NSW, purchased a brand new white Multivan Highline 4-Motion with all the bells and whistles from Paul Wakeling Volkswagen Mill Road, Campbelltown. Pauline and Ray had a VanEssa mobilcamping kitchen, mattress, and curtains added to their van in the VanEssa factory just across the road.

Ray & Pauline

The VanEssa mobilcamping products appealed to Pauline and Ray as it is a flexible solution that allows them to use their new van as they need, when they need.   

“...we liked it as it meant our van did not have to be a full time camper like most other campers that normally have a permanent camper setup.” - Ray

Ray has a long history with Volkswagen, his first being a 1959 Kombi, complete with a mattress in the back as seen on the beach in photos below.   

Ray and Pauline have already completed a couple of trips with their new highline and getting use to a more organised, facilitated and flexible camping style.

“We’ve been to Lightning Ridge and Mudgee, where we have found camping grounds. On the way, we stopped to have lunch at the National Park... it’s a new way of life, we’re getting into it more and more every time we go away” - Pauline

Away at the moment, Ray and Pauline are visiting Karingee beach near Coffs Harbour and have parked their car on a patch of grass, enjoying the ocean view from the attached annexe tent.

Ray & Pauline Multivan Highline T6

Annexe Tent, VanEssa mobilcamping, Multivan Highline

Ray loves the additional space the Thule roof pod provides, keeping the more bulking camping items like his tent and camping chairs in a safe and waterproof place. The pod also installed in the VanEssa mobilcamping factory along with the interior module and side awning Ray and Pauline enjoy for shade and protection from the weather on their trips.

Awning, Multivan, Volkswagon, VanEssa mobilcamping

VanEssa Interior Module

“The Volkswagen customer experience was amazing when I went down for my 1500km inspection, they were fantastic, they slotted me in first up and I was out of there in half an hour, it was amazing. Topped it off with a roof top Thule Pod installed by Mark, at the VanEssa factory across the road, whilst installing some other camping accessories. The service was just seamless.” - Ray

The VanEssa kitted Multivan gives Ray and Pauline the flexibility to broaden their holiday experience, and the Packbags make it easy to pull up and stay in a cabin or motel when desiring a break from the van or weather is unfavourable. 

“It’s really comfortable, we love the freedom of it.” - Pauline

Multivan T6 with side Annexe Tent

Multivan T6 with Side Annexe Text
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