Dumpster Dive, Live Simply and Enjoy Nature with Friends

Dumpster Dive, Live Simply and Enjoy Nature with Friends

VanEssa Traveller Julianne BradyJulianne Brady, one of our early VanEssa kitchen adopters, an expert in dumpster diving with a 10 year history of rescuing unwanted good quality food from supermarket dumpsters in her strategically selected disguise, a white Multivan, looking like a delivery van, buy the time anyone notices what Julianne is up to, she is jumping back in her van, back on the road with a grocery load of shelf good food to take home.

Julianne, has been featured on SBS and the ABC for the small but mighty way she is battling in the war against waste.

Julianne, purchased her beloved LWB Multivan almost 2 years ago, in white, and had the van fitted with a kitchen by Mark at VanEssa mobilcamping, a system she saw on display at her local VW dealership.

“VanEssa staff are welcoming and lovely, when I visit the warehouse, I can make myself a coffee and there isn’t anything I couldn’t ask Mark about my Van setup.”

Not only is her van a useful tool of trade in her dumpster dive missions but aides her everyday life as her daily run around vehicle. It occurred to Julianne through a camper friend she could use the VanEssa fridge in the back to keep her cold or frozen purchases cool while she attended to other errands on her list before going home.


VanEssa Traveller - Dumpster Dive Food

“...well now I can use the fridge I have in the back and I can do any number of errands after grocery shopping and even go for a swim at the beach. For my everyday life, it’s really useful
,” says Julianne.

Often free camping, Julianne loves that she can pull up on a side street, have something to eat and have a sleep in a comfortable and safe space. Julianne often travels solo so it’s important to her she can quickly arise and drive off should she ever feel unsafe where she is camping. 

“As a solo travelling women, safety is really important to me,” says Julianne. 

Julianne enjoys other essential VanEssa products like her packbags for storing her clothing up and out of the way. Julianne also carries mosquito nets, a tailgate latch, a shower attachment and ThermalMatts keeping Julianne warm as toast in -2 degree conditions.

“I am minimalist camper,'' says Julianne. 

Through Facebook groups like; Wizbanger, Solo Women Travelling Meetups and Women Caravaning Camping and Travelling Solo Australia, Julianne has meet fellow female solo travellers between 58 and 74 years of age she now travels with regularly.

“It’s hard to make friends when your older and camping is a great way to make new ones. The women I’ve meet are lovely and we try to plan a trip at least once a month”. “We take the opportunity each trip to share our knowledge and skills for example, giving a talk on a field of expertise, learning watercolour painting, or going for a Kayak”.

VanEsser Traveller - Solo Travellers Trip

“We have our own facebook group now where we share photos of our trips, vehicles, fitouts, we love sharing.”

“I love it. I love the fact I can pull the tailgate up, use the kitchen, and I am sheltered. There is little to no setup, I just pull out my chair and table and relax. The awning and side annexe tent are there if I want or need a more serious setup. If I want to go to town, the van is small enough to take,” says Julianne. 

VanEssa Traveller Julianne Brady Solo Traveller

The ladies last trip was at the beautiful Nambucca Heads, NSW, a middle ground for Julianne to spend time with friends from New South Wales and there are plans for another trip in late November.

Julianne, has made good use of her van, having visited many destinations including; Taylors Arm, NSW, Nambucca Heads, NSW, Coffs Harbour, NSW, Sunshine Coast, QLD, Nanango Showgrounds, QLD, Elanda Point, QLD, Nanango, QLD, Boreen Point, QLD and Elanda Point, QLD.

VanEssa Traveller - Nambucca Heads

On a final note, Julianne expressed what it was about camping in her van that she loves so much. Julianne has camped since she was a child and what she appreciates the most about the vanlife is that it keeps her travelling light, and forces her into the outdoors away from the usual everyday distractions.

“’s what your suppose to do when you go camping; live simply and enjoy nature with friends,” says Julianne. 


VanEssa Traveller - moonlight campfire

VanEssa Traveller - campfire by the van

VanEssa Traveller - the big bananna

VanEssa Traveller - Vanlife

VanEssa Traveller - pub with no beer

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