VanEssa Mobilcamping Sleep System to Kitchen T5 or T6 incl. Mattress

VanEssa Mobilcamping Sleep System to Kitchen T5 or T6 incl. Mattress

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VanEssa mobilcamping is Germany's leading manufacturer of lightweight modular camping cabinetry for Volkswagen vans.

Sleep System to kitchen for T5 or T6 Multivan or Transporter or Caravelle. 

Lies on top of VanEssa Mobilcamping Kitchen Pod.

In just a few minutes you can transform the passenger room of your van into a very comfortable place to sleep - using a very comfortable mattress that is made of excellent quality materials, you will be satisfied for a long time with it. You can easily use a fitted sheet for easy cleaning. The bed surface (143 x 189 cm) can easily be used by two people. The sleeping module has a stable construction.

Note: Kitchen Sold separately. 

143 x 188cm

INCLUDES Deluxe Comfort Mattress

  • Deluxe Comfort Mattress for Multivan 
    • Folding Mattress
    • Dual Layer Foams
    • Bottom layer 6.5cm hard foam to even out seat irregularities / seat belts
    • Top-layer premium memory foam
    • Both foams totally covered in 'fleece' for extra comfort
    • Cover in high-quality black material to match the Multivan
    • Tapers at rear to ensure fits on kitchen top between taillights
    • Width 143cm x Length 189cm x Height 56cm
  • Designed to work with 56cm kitchen or 53cm kitchen system
    • 56cm when in conjunction with factory CrewVan or Multivan Captain's Chairs 
    • 53cm when with no seats or TechSafe Seats

View the Mattress here

Deluxe Mattress for Volkswagen Multivan