2020 has ushered in a grateful heart as we welcome in some long awaited rain but it would be a mistake not to acknowledge the shock and numbness many are experiencing as they try to fathom the devastation the bushfires have caused in their lives.

Many had hoped 2020 would be the stage for a fresh start, a time to set new goals to achieve and an opportunity to make beautiful the difficulties of the past decade but few anticipated they would need to rebuild their lives from scratch and if so, not from beneath a pile of ash.

Our hearts go out to the families that lost loved ones during this fire season.

It's safe to say we have all been marked in someway from the events of 2019.

If you are a VanEssa traveller and you are wondering how you can help those affected by bushfires to work through the challenges ahead of them, show them your support by planning your future trips to include #fire-affected destinations and surrounding suburbs. Take an #emptyesky and do your grocery shopping. Fill your VanEssa fridge while you're at it. #buyinthebush to jump start these country town economies.

This edition we cover how your van can serve you for work and travel. Take a look at our interior modules below that will get you comfortably setup to work from the road.

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Leigh submitted a heartwarming account of so much sacrificed to bring the Kombi memories flowing back to his father who suffered a stroke in 2018.

Stay tuned, we will cover Leigh's submission in one of our following Newsletters.

Thank you to all those who submitted to us their travelling motivations. It's great to see the love our customers have for the outdoors and new adventures.

Newsletter header photo (field of Canola) was taken by Leigh.


We've had some unique visions from our customers for their vans in recent months. Doug, a tradesman, needed his van to serve as a work vehicle and accomodate him on his weekend adventures. We also have a look at Brian's Multivan, with help from VanEssa Brian evolved his van into a mobile office and doubles as a camper.

A look at Doug's Multivan, setup for work and play.

Work office meets van living - VanEssa makes working while travelling easy.


How do you make a van a mobile office?

Interior Module with Fridge

Adapted to accomodate a Dometic Waeco Fridge in the bottom draw to make for the perfect office unit.


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Interior Module with Fridge + Vanity Module

Handy adaption to office to add storage for your personal items while camping.


Includes a mirror and a hook on the side for hanging clothes.

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