We made it :)  Merry Christmas!

We made it :) Merry Christmas!


"So much of who we are is where we've been"

- William Langewiesche

We got here, the week of Christmas.

Breath. Only one more day until we have some time out, time with family and friends and if you have to spend Christmas apart from your loved ones this year be sure to find creative ways to stay in touch. We need each other in these uncertain times. We hope you spend this time reflecting on the good times of the past and dreaming of the places you'll see when this storm clears. Those that live the KombiLife live to chase the rainbow so don't dwell among the dark storm clouds. Keep driving and looking for the pots of gold.


Today, last day of business for 2020.

Please take note, KombiLife will be closed for a short time to refresh ourselves for the new year. We are a family run business and it's been a challenging but exciting end of year keeping up with the growing interest in Vanlife accessories. We have put our best in to deliver on your orders this side of Christmas and we are looking forward to relaxing by the beach so we can serve you at our best in 2021.


Share your Christmas VanLife.

We want to see how we have made a difference to your Christmas travels. So get in front of the camera and show us your van and what you get up to on your holidays. 

So tag #lovethekombilife when you post to social media to give us permission to share your photos and help us inspire others to get into the KombiLife.


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