Plan while you hibernate

Plan while you hibernate

Hello KombiLifers,

We hope you are keeping warm and safe at the moment.

These COVID times have brought fourth a season of hibernation for us all forcing us to dream of the sun or snow seeking adventures we would have had this winter. 

Let's not dwell on what we can't do at the moment and let's focus our efforts on planning the trips we'll do when we get to leave our dens.

We are still working in the background on the vans we have and tinkering with some new ideas and if you keep scrolling you might get a sneak peak at our latest 4MOTION project. 

For those hibernating at the moment, whilst you've got some down time maybe it's time you consider making those enhancements to your van you've been thinking about. What is it you'd like to be able to do next?



Keep your Cali Cosy this Winter! 


A sneak peak on what we've been working on...


For the California Owners


Brandrup ISO-TOP MK VI Pop-up Roof Insulation for California Beach.


ISO-TOP Mark VI the all-round talent for seasons in between and summer: Isolates and protects effectively from cooling by wind infiltration - Ideal for temperatures between approx. -5° to +45° C.


Hema Maps Where To Camp Guide Australia

Hema Where to Guide



Thule Low Profile Roof Racks for VW Multivan & VW California T5 & T6 & T6.1


Special Kit for lowest possible Rack Profile for maximum clearance for car parks. Overall height will depend on Multivan  configuration including wheel/tyres, however, typical overall height is 2.02m and for Volkswagen California 2.06m



BRANDRUP FLEXBAG rear VW California Beach with 3-seater bench and multiflex board - BLACK


Very spacious FLEXBAG rear for all VW T6.1 / T6 / T5 with VW multiflex board and 3-seater bench in the 3rd row of seats.



BRANDRUP Upholstery cover for VW T6.1 California Beach camping chair


More comfortable sitting and no more drafts in the lower back. In summer mosquitoes, horseflies, etc. cannot pierce...


iXTEND Fitted Sheet Single Jersey for VW California Upper Bed


iXTEND fitted sheet for the serial mattress in the pop-up-top of the VW T6.1 California without the recess for the fixation of the reading lamp...




Brandrup MULTIBOX for left driver's cabin door VW T6.1, design "leather


The elegant MULTIBOX VW T6.1 can be attached to all VW T6.1 cab doors. The Multibox is hung in the upper...


BRANDRUP Velor carpet passenger compartment, 2 Sliding doors


BRANDRUP Velour carpet for passenger compartment VW T6.1/T6/T5 Multivan / VW T6.1 California Beach Tour/Camper and T6/T5 California Beach...



We've got Beanies!

Keep your head warm wherever you are at the moment. These beanies will add some colour to your household while in hibernation. 



How about insurance?

Now insurance isn't something we like to think about but its important to ensure you have the right cover for your van.

The good news is we've achieved approval with CIL Insurance, this means that you can now insure your Volkswagen van, equipped with VanEssa, as a campervan / motorhome.

Give us a call if you are interested in CIL insurance and we will put you in touch with the person you need to speak with.

Upcoming Events

If you're looking for inspiration or something to do, there might an event below of interest to you.


Volkswagen Spectacular

24th OCT - 1st NOV

We are going! Hope to see you there.


Broken Hill Mundi Mundi Bash

19th-21st of August

Old Bar Beach Festival

October Long Weekend

We'll be there!

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