Your Van Ventilation Guide

Your Van Ventilation Guide

If you had at least one overnight trip away in your van you've realised by now how important airflow in your van is to a comfortable nights sleep. We have a few solutions for you to consider some serving dual purposes of mosquito protection and or maintaining security.


Ventilation Grille

The rugged ventilation grille provides secure air ventilation and deaeration for you van. You can easily and quickly attach it to the open window from the outside. Afterwards it is locked from the inside. Bothersome installation work or annoying technical inspections are not necessary.

Passenger Side 
Ventilation Grill on a California T6.1

Driver Side Ventilation Grill on a Caddy 4

Available for Driver or Passenger Side factory sliding window on:

  • California, Multivan, Transporter, Caravelle T5/T6/T6.1 - MY04 to MY21+ -  Order Online
  • Caddy 2010 - 2020 - Order Online


Midge Screen

Keeping the smallest of biting and annoying insects out of your campervan can often be the difference between making or breaking a fantastic trip away.

This midge net is for the rear side slide opening windows and fits neatly into the frame of the open window.

NOTE: The midge net will only fit into genuine Volkswagen slide opening side windows, it won’t fit into any copy style Transporter slide opening windows.

With a tough mesh material that won’t snag and catch the midge screens are simple to slide into place and will still allow the window to be slid back and forth and secured in the various locking holes – from fully open to almost fully closed, but not completely shut tight.

Jerba Midge Screen
Jerba VW T6.1 Midge Screen
Jerba Midge Screen
Jerba VW T5/T6 Midge Screen

Mosquito Net

Keep those pesky mosquitoes out of your van! We offer varied solutions to suit the rear tailgate, side sliding door, windows as well as for the pop-top roof for the California owners. Easy to install with either magnet tapes, magnets or velcro.

Rear and Side sliding door mosquito nets include zippers for easy access into van. 

High light and air permeability, uv and weather resistant, mesh-proof and dimensionally stable.


Rear Tailgate Mosquito Net on a California

Rear Tailgate Mosquito Net on a Caddy
Side Door Mosquito Net on a Caddy
Insect Screen for Side Window on Multivan


Available for:

  • VW T5, T6, T6.1 California, Multivan, Transporter and Caravelle
  • Caddy 2010 - 2020
See all Mosquito Nets online


Tailgate Latch

A very simple method to create ventilation from front to rear. The tailgate latch fits in the existing rear tailgate and extends the latching point. This then permits the tailgate to latch 'shut' and centrally lock, yet remaining ajar to allow air to circulate.

This small assistant allows fresh air to pass through the tailgate in your car and supplies fresh air while sleeping. When using the airlock, the boot lid is opened about 10 cm but still remains shut and protected from theft. You can also use the hook for ventilation while it is raining - no water enters over the boot lid.


Inside view of tailgate latch in position.

Tailgate latch for electric locking.

Multivan Tailgate ajar by a tailgate latch

Tailgate Latch with no electric latching.


Available for:

VW Multivan / California / Transporter / Caravelle / Caddy - to purchase or check if you specific model can fit a tailgate latch have a look online.



Cabin Fan

Keep the air flowing in your van with a stow-able cabin 12V fan. Made in Canada. 

Carframo 12 Volt 3-speed Stow-able Cabin Fan 

  • Auto-sensing 12V and 24V DC capability, 
  • 4 timers, 
  • 3 fan speed settings, 
  • 360° Gimbal, low power draw and ability to stow flat against the wall and out of the way when not in use.






    Carframo 12 Volt
    3-speed Stowable
    Cabin Fan installed in a Crafter


    Carframo 12 Volt 3-speed Stowable
    Cabin Fan installed in a California


    Available for:

    Any van that has an appropriate fixing point.

    Find the stow-able cabin fan online for more information. 


    Premium Roof Hatch

    Ideal for creating serious ventilation in your van. 

    • Removable flyscreen – simply twist the L-clamps and remove for cleaning!
    • Installs onto all standard 14” x 14” (356mm x 356mm) roof openings
    • Powerful 10-speed fan motor
    • Fan can run even if the lid is closed (select ‘Ceiling Fan Mode’) and can be used in “intake” and “exhaust” modes
    • Provides over 900CFM, keeping your RV cool and comfortable
    • Twin lifting arms limit vibrations cause by wind when in the ‘open’ position

    Premium Roof Hatch
    installed in a
    Transporter roof. 

     Available for:

    VW Transporter T6.1 / T6 / T5 or VW Crafter 

    Red more about this premium roof hatch online.


    That's it! Should any of these products interest you and questions remain feel free to give us a call on 1300 22 1000 to speak to one of our friendly staff members or email your questions through to

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