ISOLITE OUTDOOR - Windscreen - External - VW Caddy 4/3
ISOLITE OUTDOOR - Windscreen - External - VW Caddy 4/3

ISOLITE OUTDOOR - Windscreen - External - VW Caddy 4/3

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ISOLITE® Inside for the passenger compartment windows is available for all VW T6/T5 models. In summer, the solar heat is reflected outwards. The interior reflecting lamination preserves the cold air inside the vehicle longer. In winter, ISOLITE reflects the cold outwards and the warmth back into the interior: “Insulated flask effect”!

ISOLITE® Inside is simply introduced into the windscreen frame and attached to the upper black stripe of the glass and around the interior mirror with hook-and-loop (Velcro) fastener. Double glazing effect: ISOLITE Inside is the absolute best insulation for driver’s and passenger’s windows.

ISOLITE® is not only hung to the window pane but is fixed to the window frame with hook-and-loop fastener. By this, a perfect sealing on three sides is achieved. The enclosed air (between window pane and ISOLITE) cannot circulate and escape upwards (summer) or downwards (winter). The entire surface is always densely and securely closed.

ISOLITE® Outdoor VW Caddy 4 / 3

It can be easily fixed by only one person: The windscreen wipers are lifted and the ISOLITE mat is placed underneath and is fixed to the A pillar from the inside with hook-and-loop fastener.

When shutting the door the mounting of ISOLITE Outdoor is sealed by the window frame and thereby secured.

The windscreen wipers are placed on top of the ISOLITE mat for the VW Caddy 4/3.

Made in Germany.